The best part of travelling is that you get to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds and people who leave an impact on you with snippets of stories of their life .

Like my AirBnb hostess in Budapest who is a corporate lawyer, who became a lawyer by default and after a decade of working, wants to be independent so is buying an additional property to make Airbnb a full time thing
(I can so relate to this)

Like my AirBnb hostess in Dubrovnik who wants her children to do well in life, knows that a good education and exposure to English will open up the world to them get them, who quit her job in the supermarket so she could spend quality time with her kids, who wants her children to be as respectful to cultures around the world so shes planning to take them on their first cruise to Italy.

Like Anne from England whom I started chatting with for a few minutes while both of us were content sitting by the pier in Dubrovnik looking at the spectacularly beautiful blue waters of the Adriatic, who said that this was the first time she was travelling alone post her recent divorce after a marriage of over 30 years and that though she felt alone and missed the companionship and was reluctant and scared to travel alone, she did it cause she loves to travel .

Like the young girl - a local from Dubrovnik who loved the city and shared her plans of starting her new venture acting as a guide to visitors in her city.

Like the young ex military guy in Dubrovnik who told me at a street crossing that he loved Dubrovnik for the big city that it is and the party options that it has and would miss the city once he goes back to his village in the Eastern part of Croatia which was a dead place for youngsters.

Like the conversation that I had with a Scottish painter in Edinburgh who was impressed by the hard work and ethics of Indians living Scotland and hoped that his government would take the same steps to improve the economy as the Indian government was taking.

Like the glee of the Spanish photographer in London when he realised that his photos were to be hung in a home in India.

Like after a week of seeing only white faces in Slovenia when you catch the eye of a black man across the street and both of you smile with a kind of kinship when you see a familiar face.

Like the happy and giggly bunch of middle aged women from Taiwan who loved taking and posing for photographs and were thrilled to be on a women only trip leaving their husbands and families behind. And yes, who seemed pleased when I told them I had heard of Taiwan and know where it was .

Like when you hear a Swiss guy waiting for his bus at Ljubljana say that hes going to "Zurick - home" you realise that its a universal expression of mentioning "home" after the name of your country when you are travelling back home.

The more you interact with people, the more you realise that however different our countries and cultures are, intrinsically we are the same people with similar insecurities, questions, stories and expectations from life.

Same same but different.. are'nt we?

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