Ljubljana – The capital of Slovakia is the greenest capital in the world. Well, I don’t know about the city but the country is definitely green.  A small country bang in the middle of Europe, Slovania is best known for the scenic Lake Bled. In most of the places to visit lists in Slovenia, Lake Bled tops the list. But for me the top places to visit (and possibly not so well known) is Logarska Dolina. A valley in the north western part of Slovenia bordering the Julian Alps is absolutely magical. The best way to visit Logarska is to drive from Ljubljana. The 90 minute drive through green valleys and pretty little cottages is where the real beauty of Slovenia lies. So beautiful that the number of pictures that you can take on the drive alone are limitless. Due to shortage of time, we just got to spend around 30 minutes in this picturesque location.

                                                         Welcome to Logarska Dolina

After reading so much about the blue waters of the Soka valley, I was keen to visit it. Due to shortage of time, I was in two minds whether to spend a full day at Lake Bled or to go to Soka valley. Since I had plans to visit Lake Bled later, I decided to go to Tolmin gorge in the Soka valley. And the gorge with the Soka river flowing in the Triglav National Park definitely did not disappoint. The two km walk  through the lush greenery of the gorge with the blue waters of the Soka river flowing past was nature at its best.  In fact when I got off at Most na Soci railway station to take a bus to Tolmin, I realized that I had made the correct decision. With just about 10 visitors to the Tolmin gorge, I had the national park to myself (the advantage of going in off season).

The emerald waters of the Soka river

Piran – situated in the eastern most corner of the country bordering Italy and Croatia is a tiny little coastal town. Its an amalgamation of three cultures.  After visiting the mountains in Slovenia, cycling through Koper – Izola – Portoruz with the the vineyards, olive trees, salt pans and old unused railway tunnel and the coast for company, it was a contrast of scenery, food, language and culture.

Cycling through the railway tunnel in Piran

Ljubljana- Most na Soci- Tolmin gorge- Prian- Logarska Dolina-Lake Bled… Slovenia has been magical. I would in fact stick my neck out and say – skip Switzerland – visit Slovenia.

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