Lithuania. Landed in the beautiful capital city of Vilnius. Vilnius is a lovely combination of old and the new. The old town unlike other old towns is quite spread out with beautifully maintained buildings. While on the other side of the Vilnia river is the new modern town. In the evenings this part of the town comes to life with the locals hanging out along the river bed. Vilnius also has the distinction of having a forest bang in the centre of the town with the Hill of Three Crosses giving a fantastic view of the old town. Fun fact: Did you know that there is an area in Vilnius old town called “The Republic Of Uzupis” which is self proclaimed independent state. They have their own constitution with phrases like “ Everyone has the right to be idle and Everyone has the right to die, but this is not an obligation.” Sadly this independent state is not recognised by any country.

Old Town - Vilnius

Vilnius Town Hall

Trakai – A beautiful town located around on the banks of a beautiful lake with a even prettier castle. Since I arrived in town early in the morning I had walked along the lake to get to the castle and had the entire lake to myself.

Trakai Lake and Castle

I visited the Hill of Crosses on the way to my next destination. It was more of a hump than a hill and honestly quite underwhelming. Can go there only if you have a spare day.

Hill Of Crossses

But the most fascinating place in Lithuania (and also the entire trip ) was the port town of Klapedia and the even fascinating Curonian Spit.

Klapedia is a port town at the extreme left corner of Lithuania and its canals, the port, the old town the paved streets was love at first sight for me with the town.

Klapedia Old Town

Canals of Klapedia

This tiny strip of land around 50 kms in length is shared between Lithuania and Russia. The reason why it is fascinating is because of sand dunes on one side and a pine forest on the other. The sand dunes are constantly shifting and the view from the top from Nida town is a sight to behold. Though I spent 2 nights in Klapedia, I wish I had a few more days to stay in the resort town of Nida and explore the place a bit more.

Sand dunes at Nida- Highlight of the Curonian Spit

When you have the entire beach to yourself at the Curonian Spit


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