Bali. An island though being a part of Indonesia, is culturally so different to Indonesia. With 90% Hindus, they have maintained their traditions and culture.- not only the manner of worship but also their attachment to their village, architecture and their homes. Was an unique experience to see our gods in a foreign country revered, loved and worshiped in a very different way. Huge statues depicting stories and characters especially from the Mahabharata are found everywhere. The Balinese are a very happy people. In my one week of stay there, did not come across a single instance of aggression. And inspite of the bad traffic and the small lanes, not once did I hear honking and angry gestures. ( I think honking seems to be unique to India only). From the quaint villages in central Bali (Quite like Kerala) to the beaches of South Bali (Quite like Goa) Bali, was a home away from home.
And yes, Balinese people identify themselves as Balinese and not Indonesians. They have that distinction even for coffee 

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