So when I told my friends that I had planned a trip to Croatia, the first reaction that I got was ” Oh Game of Thrones”!!. Which made me wonder if I am the only person who has not watched GoT.

When I was researching Croatia, I learnt that it does not have many beaches inspite of having a very long coastline. And of the few beaches, most are rocky. I found this very strange. But when I was travelling from Plitsvice Lakes to Split, I learnt the reason is cause of the Dinaric Alps that rise right next to the Adriatic Sea. So instead of beaches there are rocky mountains. This makes for dramatic visuals. Instead of waves crashing on the beaches, what I saw is the azure waters of the Adriatic, calmly meeting the mountains. And due to the zigzag mountain ranges, what you think looks like lakes, is actually the sea where the calm waters cause ripples only when a ship/boat passes by. The water so clear that even from a height of about 50 feet, you can clearly see the sea bed.

Spending about 10 days in Croatia, the standout places were Plitsvice Lakes and Korcula. Nothing, absolutely nothing that you had ever heard about the beauty of Plitsvice prepares you for the actual thing. When I asked a lady form US whom I had met in Slovakia about it, she actually stopped in the middle of the road and her jaw dropped just thinking about it. (She had been there a few days ago). She said that after every 10 feet in the Park, I would want to click 10 pictures. And she was right.

Among the over 1500 islands in Croatia if there is one island that you have to visit is Korcula. Korcula makes you feel welcome and peaceful right from the moment you step off the 2 hour ferry from Croatia. Also it helped that it was low season and I had the island to myself (almost).

Plitsvice Lakes- Split-Korcula-Dubrovnik. From national parks , old towns, lakes, mountains, calm blue seas, ports, cruise ships, islands and islands and more islands, Croatia has everything.

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